Become a Hub

Interested in becoming a Service Hub?

The process of becoming a Service Hub starts with a series of conversations—both with other cultural heritage organizations in your state or region and with members of the DPLA team ( In general, the role of a Service Hub involves representing a community of institutions in your state or region to DPLA and providing your partners’ aggregated metadata to DPLA through a single source (at least 50,000 unique metadata records). Many Service Hubs also offer a range of services to their partners, creating a local community of practice. Check out our Becoming a Service Hub page to learn more about roles and responsibilities and steps to become a Service Hub.

Interested in becoming a Content Hub?

To become a Content Hub, an institution generally must be able to share more than 150,000 unique metadata records that resolve to digital objects (online texts, photographs, manuscript material, art work, etc.) with DPLA, and commit to maintaining and enhancing those records as needed. For more information about becoming a Content Hub, contact us at

Interested in contributing to DPLA but don’t meet the criteria to become a Hub?

If your organization is interested in contributing content to DPLA, but you do not meet the requirements above, please check the list of our Hubs to see if there is a Service Hub in your state or region. If there is, don’t hesitate to contact them. They want to hear from you!

If there is not a Service Hub in your state or region, contact us at to learn if there are conversations about building a Service Hub underway in your state or learn more about how to get a planning process started.