Digital Curation with DPLA Resources

The Digital Curation Task Force was formed in November 2022 to explore new ways to curate digital content with DPLA resources.

On October 19, 2023, the Digital Curation Task Force held a DPLA Coffee Chat at which representatives shared their work to create guideline documentation for digital curation with content from the DPLA Hubs. Along with the guidelines, they covered tactics, challenges, successes, and examples of digital curation work within our hubs and within the larger work of cultural heritage institutions.

Digital Curation Task Force Resources

Digital Curation Matrix

Digital Curation Guidelines

Digital Curation Task Force Members

Sheila A McAlister, Digital Library of Georgia

Megan N Pearson, Illinois Digital Heritage 

Abigail Nye, Recollection Wisconsin 

Stephanie Hess, Minnesota Digital Library 

Keila Zayas Ruiz, Sunshine State Digital Network

Shanee Yvette Willis, DPLA