National History Day

DPLA is proud to be a part of National History Day, a series of contests in which students present research projects related to a historical theme that they’ve developed using primary and secondary sources. Containing millions of primary and secondary sources, DPLA is the perfect complement to National History Day. The page below contains information and resources related to our efforts to increase access to DPLA resources for National History Day students. Questions? Email us at

2018 Theme: Conflict and Compromise in History

The 2018 National History Day theme is “Conflict and Compromise in History.” Students should begin their research with secondary sources to gain a broader context, then progress to finding primary sources, and finally make an argument about the effects of a topic in history. Below are selected National History Topics from the 2018 Theme Book and corresponding sample search results, Primary Source Sets, and Exhibitions available via DPLA.

United States History Sample Topics

Fighting in World War I and Not Compromising Ideals: The Harlem Hellfighters

Social Conflict During War: Japanese Internment

Conflicting Opinions, Compromised Values: The Vietnam Generation

Theodore Roosevelt and the Completion of the Panama Canal

No Taxation Without Representation: The Failed Compromise That Led to a Revolution

Preventing Conflict: The Compromise of 1850

The New York City Draft Riot of 1863

Indian Removal Act of 1830

Reconstruction: Conflict and Compromise in the South

Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society

European History Samples Topics

Selling Souls for Sugar: Slavery and the Sugar Islands

The Treaty of Versailles: Prelude to the Second World War

The Treaty of Paris: The Uneasy Peace of the Seven Years’ War

Emmeline Pankhurst and her Militant Struggle for Suffrage in Great Britain

The Glorious Revolution: A Conflict that Led to the English Bill of Rights

World History Sample Topics

Nelson Mandela and the Fight for Equality in South Africa

Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan: Ending the Cold War Through Conflict and Compromise

Filipino Insurrection: Compromise with America to Win a Conflict Against Spain

Iran Hostage Crisis: Coming to a Compromise

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