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Open eBooks is an app containing thousands of popular and award-winning titles that are free for kids from in-need communities. Readers can immediately download some of the most popular works of the past and present, with no costs, no holds, and no late fees. Titles were selected by DPLA’s Curation Corps comprised of school and youth librarians. Visitors can browse the online catalog to view the collection.

The initiative is designed to address the challenge of providing digital reading materials to kids in need and offers unprecedented access to a catalog of eBooks. It was designed to complement ongoing initiatives to provide all youth with access to high-quality digital learning tools like devices and broadband internet. Open eBooks launched in February 2016 and received overwhelming feedback from teachers, librarians and students praising the initiative.

DPLA oversees the Curation Corps, a group of librarians and school media specialists who applied their knowledge and professional skills to shape a compelling collection that is diverse, exciting, and age-appropriate so that every child has a book to read and enjoy. DPLA also provides marketing and outreach through its national library network and helps coordinate the partners, publishers, and funders working on the project.

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About the Partnership

Open eBooks is a coalition of literacy, library, publishing and technology partners: founding nonprofit partners the Digital Public Library of America, The New York Public Library, and First Book; educational technology company Clever; and content support provided by digital books distributor Baker & Taylor. This effort is made possible by generous commitments of publishers with funding support provided in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Content contributions from major publishers include Bloomsbury, Candlewick, Cricket Media, Hachette, HarperCollins, Lee & Low, Macmillan, National Geographic Kids, Open Road Media, and Simon & Schuster.