DPLA Exchange

The DPLA Exchange (exchange.dp.la) is a new model for a library-owned and library-centered ebook marketplace. The goal of the program is to demonstrate how DPLA can help libraries maximize access to ebooks for their patrons. The DPLA Exchange will allow libraries to select from more than two hundred thousand licensed titles, plus thousands of free open access titles through DPLA’s Open Bookshelf. To follow the progress of the DPLA Exchange and related ebook projects, sign up for ebook announcements on our DPLA Ebooks news list or contact us.

Screenshot of DPLA Exchange home page

For the pilot, which began in fall 2017, DPLA sought out a mix of library types including a state library, a consortium, and both a large public library and one serving smaller and rural populations. The diverse group of pilot libraries includes Alameda County Library (CA); Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (PA); Connecticut State Library (CT); Califa Library Group (CA, KS); St. Mary’s County Library (MD) and Yavapai Library Network (AZ). After a preliminary period working with these selected libraries, DPLA has expanded DPLA Exchange membership to more institutions. Learn how your library can join us.

Stay tuned for progress on the pilot and related projects. For more on the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant funding this project, visit Advancing Ebooks.