Take Control of your Digital Collections

Driven by our mission to maximize access to knowledge, DPLA gives libraries greater control over the acquisition and delivery of ebooks and audiobooks and makes more diverse ebooks easily available to libraries and their patrons while advocating for the needs of libraries in the marketplace. DPLA’s ebook work is supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

An ebooks marketplace built by and for libraries

The DPLA Exchange is an e-content acquisitions platform that works seamlessly with SimplyE. DPLA can help libraries customize diverse collections beyond the bestsellers, including non-English titles. Member libraries also benefit from DPLA’s ongoing publisher negotiations for new, more favorable licensing terms.

Build an instant collection of free ebooks

Jumpstart your digital collection with our free Open Bookshelf titles. Select from thousands of freely available items including classics, contemporary fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, and textbooks, all reviewed by our Curation Corps of librarians.

Simultaneous multi-user ebooks and audiobooks

DPLA has partnered with BiblioLabs to give libraries access to a growing collection of thousands of titles, including independent author collections and content from major publishers. Our simultaneous multi-user model allows an unlimited number of patrons to borrow books at the same time.

Original DPLA Publications

DPLA is also a publisher. We’ve introduced original, easy-to-read ebook versions of important government documents, including our award-winning ebook versions of the Mueller Report and The Impeachment Papers.