The Digital Public Library of America interacts with the software development community in numerous important ways. From a public API and bulk download that grant access to all of DPLA’s records under a permissive license, to code repositories and documentation that showcase in-house development efforts by DPLA’s Technology Team, DPLA offers something for every developer. Stay in touch with us at

API Codex

DPLA’s API provides programmatic search and access to every item in the DPLA catalog. Use the API to power an app, to wire DPLA into your portal, or to retrieve data to build something entirely your own. Our API Codex will get you started.

Bulk Download

Sometimes, an access API doesn’t quite get you an idea of the whole landscape of data available behind a service. DPLA makes a Bulk Download available for these use cases. Use the Bulk Download for analytics or research, or to build your own curated experiences across a significant portion of the DPLA aggregation.

Technical Documentation

The DPLA Technology Team maintains public documentation of our technology stack, process and deployments on our wiki. Come take a look!

Sample Code & Libraries

Why reinvent the wheel? Check out the sample code and libraries for development using the DPLA API. Share your sample code, libraries, and wrappers by emailing us at